Notable hi-powered production team Rubicon 7 are about to cause some commotion on the dance floor! With a good number of well-supported tracks previously released on respected labels like Robbie Rivera’s Juicy Music, NYC’s EDM System Recordings, Clubstream, Big Alliance, Cash Gold and many others, this electric duo now brings their magnetic style to rising indie label, Kaleidosphere Recordings. They offer up their brand new Superhero EP; a dynamic 3-track sampler of distinct original works that truly shows their production prowess. The title track and EP namesake, “Superhero” has all the makings of a well-balanced progressive pop single laced with the dulcet tone of Rubicon’s female half, Elizabeth Thompson. “Bring Me Down” willfully tears into your eardrum with its sexy, grindy broken beat tempo, metallic rhythms and synth vox. “Wanting” hits us with bonafide techno, with hints of classic industrial sounds and sung by the male lead, Brandon Scott, whose reminiscent Trent Reznor-type vocal truly draws the listener in. Making sonic strides by also performing live with renowned producer BT and at regional festivals like Paradiso and Treefort Music Fest, their sound is about to cross cultural, musical and geographical boundaries alike. You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled and ears perked for Rubicon 7. – Kaleidosphere Recordings