As producers and performers, we have come to a difficult decision, but we must do what is best for the fans and listeners that we have who continue to engage with our downloads after each episode of Under The Influence. After years of sharing, collaborating and promoting sounds on Soundcloud, the time has come for us to let it go and move on. Starting with Episode 115, we will no longer upload new episodes to Soundcloud. Instead, we will continue to grow and support our iTunes podcast subscribers as well as making each new episode available here on this site.

PodcastiTunesButtonThere were a number of factors that went in to this decision ranging from instability and downtime of Soundcloud, to the ever-increasing copyright scrutiny being applied to DJ mixes and podcasts.  Soundcloud has launched a campaign against artists who publish weekly radio shows that is a disservice to producers around the world.  Those who rely upon these radio shows to rebroadcast their chosen influences to their followers and spread the word about their releases are penalized for rebroadcasting these great tracks. We won’t get into an argument with labels on this topic, they have the right to run their businesses as they choose, but Soundcloud charges fees to pro producers and DJs to post their shows, only to be shut down when they post their own tracks.

Also, as Soundcloud moves towards their new monetization scheme, we have opted to keep Under The Influence no-cost and ad-free. When Soundcloud shuts us down (and they will), what have we worked for? How does it benefit our listeners? Let’s switch to other proven download sites and make everything easier for our listeners. Follow us here at and we will make it as easy as possible to get what you are looking for!

– Brandon & Elizabeth